Saturday, December 30, 2006

berketul ketul

wake up at twelve today shower and ate some spaghetti...went to shop to buy bread...BORING ...neway in the afternoon i got myself clean&clear acne clearing cleanser...i bought it cause u kno 'queer for the straight guy' the grooming buy said when buyin cleanser find for salicylic asid..and the c&clear got lik 0.5% of that..and u kno wat when i wash my face with that my face feel hot at first then after u wash it of it feels lik i can feel the thing working..absolutely cool!and then i went to hardware shop to get myself chrome spray..cause the other day my dad was lik bfor u go to ns can spray the bike?...since im quite good with i came back and i cover some part with newspaper and tape...and the sand it so that the surface was smooth..its so uneven! so i sand a bit and gav up lazy la and it was dark i started sprayin and after awhile faliq pass and he say lawa ape..after i finish i took a bath and i came sis was outside goin out with her i ask her how was the spray job she show me this muka masam face and said berketul ketul...and my dad ask me bout some blacks spot i said it was design! was....i think it look great cause it was fully chrome color..the breaks and nut all im a bit worried the system might spoil from the paint..after that ate spaghetti again 4 dinner and watch mtv made and a bit of mtv:HIV:this is me and came on9 ...boring day but neway im goin for national service in one day thats monday and im excited! cant wait tho leave home and go to keningau!!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

all about LeoOonN

hey.. just finish watching the OC...i like this season of oc...kurang drama...banyak2 tak best cause i lov the couples in the show..haha..k let me c, today suppose to wake up at 8:30am to clean the house but woke up at dad was lik openin the windows and doors...arghhh so annoyin la...neway clean the house and wanted to go on9 after i ate my lunch...cause the night bfor parents tak kasi gi cause must wake up early...but anyway there was no food in the fridge so i went to vik's house to ajak them to mkn...chai was there..they were playin winning eleven at first then vik said he feel lik eatin mcD...then kena pujuk chai to go...haizzZZz..after lik 5minutes oni he wanna go....pelik btul! neway walk all the way to giant to mkn...and on the way we keep on sayin "AH KIT, kalau spuluh spuluh...lebih CAa...raa...ejek some guy...okay then ate mcD i ate like chicken mcdeluxe, large fries, spicy beef foldover orange juice and large coke...wah so kenyang and so pedas! then we walk round giant, saw damn lot of hot girls weh! i dunno y if i lepak alone i dun c lots of girls but lepak with vik chai or fal8 means 10 girls lalu! i think cause they always lik mentionin every girls they c...neway if ur a girl sorry u had to read this! right neway went back to vik house and play some games on his ps1 then i went to my 2nd house at 4 to on9 and edited my myspace for 8 hours...phewww! letih...nak je cantik tau...then went home to eat dinner..rice..then went back on9 and watch oc and here i am! that all thx for readin bout wat i do....u stalker! hehe..joking...thats all.. hav a great day ahead!!